Kinds of modular kitchens

Kinds of modular kitchens

Drafting your modular kitchen is huge. There are many kinds of modular kitchen available which makes it difficult to choose from. Here are some kinds of modular kitchen that you can read about. Also, if you like any kind of modular kitchen discussed below then you can have it designed for your kitchen giving your kitchen a new and beautiful look.

Side by side modular kitchen

Side by side modular kitchen can also be referred to as galley modular kitchen. This kind of kitchen has two side by side workplace that is long and on the walls opposite to each other. There is also a passage between them. There is no particular limitation on the strength of the wing and you can use the wing for any kind of work you want. The work could be wet or it could also be dry. Side by side modular kitchen is suitable for such kitchens that are closed and long.

L-formed modular kitchen

This kind of kitchen has counters that are expanded on top of the walls that are adjacent and are oriented at ninety degree angle, making the shape of L. L-formed kitchen is perfect for more or less any kind of kitchen whether large or small. You can even place this kind of layout in a corner. There is an additional advantage of this kind of kitchen and that is the working triangle is quite efficient and lets the person cooking move around the spaces easily.

Since, this kind of layout is suitable for large kitchens also, so, more than one cook can stand in the kitchen and is appropriate for families where most people love cooking with each other.

In line modular kitchen

In in line modular kitchen, the cabinets and racks are placed in a line. This kind of kitchen design is one of the most closed and easiest and therefore are suitable for kitchens that are small in size. So, if your kitchen is small and you don’t have a very large space then choosing in line modular kitchen could be a great and appropriate option.

Island modular kitchen

This kind of modular kitchen is the most beautiful one. With island modular kitchen, you get an additional space for the counter as well as an additional space for cutting the vegetables, using your laptop, etc. There is also a facility for seating with this kind of modular kitchen and you can even have dinner or refreshments there with your family.

If you want any of these kind of modular kitchen then you will need to hire a modular kitchen company in Dubai.

Kitchen design UAE gives you wide variety from which you can select the design you like.

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