Reasons To Consider Healthy Takeaways

Reasons To Consider Healthy Takeaways

There are many reasons to avoid ordering unhealthy takeaways. They are typically high in sodium and calories and are not nutritionally beneficial. Furthermore, you may be too tired to prepare your food. If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider cooking your own. Here are some of the benefits of healthy takeaways in Dubai.

High-calorie content:

While fast food may be quick and convenient, it’s also loaded with calories, fat, and sodium, all of which can be bad for your heart. Fortunately, fast food outlets are adding healthier options to their menus, such as grilled chicken and wholemeal Snack Wraps. You can also choose a salad to increase your fiber intake. Many takeaways also have vegan or vegetarian options; most use fresh herbs and spices to create their dishes.

High sodium content:

A recent study shows that fast-food restaurants are not particularly low in sodium content. Researchers surveyed people who ate at fast-food outlets and asked them to save their receipts as a guide for their sodium intake. Then, they estimated the amount of sodium in each meal by adding up the total sodium content of the items. They also looked for the amount of salt in the dishes and compared them to the average daily allowance.

Low nutritional value:

A takeaway meal’s nutrition isn’t all bad, as long as you choose the right ones. Side dishes are often the biggest culprit, as many contain refined carbs and sugar. In addition, you may fill up on the sides and not have room for a nutrient-dense main course. To compensate, pack your plate with fresh salad and veg. Takeaway deals are easy to upsize your portion, but beware: they aren’t necessarily healthy.


When it comes to eating out, convenience is king. We spend less time in front of the stove and more time watching television, and ordering a takeaway is the perfect solution to time constraints. In the past, ordering healthy takeaways meant sacrificing taste and nutrition, but now, many concepts are reversing this trend.

Low cost:

Regarding childhood obesity, a low-cost takeaway is an affordable option to treat yourself. But this is not the best option as many people mistake the meals for a treat and tend to overeat. According to research, most takeaway meals are too high in energy, fat, carbs, and protein. This is a common reaction to exhaustion, resulting in the decision to order a cheap takeaway.

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