Factors to consider while buying tires for your car

Factors to consider while buying tires for your car

The majority of customers opt to replace their worn tires Bridgestone tyres Abu Dubai with something similar in size and capabilities. This makes sense; your vehicle was meant to work well with the type and size of tires it came with, so replacing them with the identical or similar pair would retain the performance and safety your vehicle was built to provide. You’ll need to know your vehicle’s tire size and speed rating to help you make a decision, and you’ll also want to think about how many miles you’ll get out of any new tires you’re considering. Let’s have a look at the factors in depth.

Tire size: If you want to replace your tires with something similar, you’ll need to know the actual size of the tires.  Tire sizes for cars and light trucks are typically expressed as a short set of letters and numbers such as 390/20- R20. The first number specifies the tire’s width in millimeters.  The number written after the slash is called aspect ratio which tells you how tall the sidewall is in relation to the width. The sidewall will be taller if the number is higher. Low-profile tires, which are also called squat tires are mostly used on sports vehicles and muscle vehicles, with aspect ratios of 30–40. The ending number in the series is the tire’s mounting diameter in inches on the wheel. The “R” specifies that it is a radial tire, which almost all modern tires are.

Speed rating: Tires also have a speed rating, which reflects not only how fast they can go safely for a lengthy period of time, but also tells how well they can perform overall. The speed rating of the original tires on your car was designed to match the car’s maximum speed. This speed rating is represented by a letter in the alpha-numeric code following the tire size. Maximum speed ranges from 75 mph to more than 186 mph and the letter range can vary from L to Y.

Wear and tear info: The tread-wear rating and the tire mileage warranty are two pieces of information that can help you predict how many miles you can expect from a set of tires. The tread wear rating is represented on the tire sidewall by a number following the word “tread wear.” Looking at the manufacturers’ tread-life warranties is a better approach to measure possible tire life and compare the estimated durability of different tires you might be considering.

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