Do You Operate a Bank Locker? Here Are the Rules You Must Know!

Do You Operate a Bank Locker? Here Are the Rules You Must Know!

Do you operate safe deposit lockers in Dubai? Here are the rules you must follow! Read this article to get an overview of the bank locker operation. It also includes important information on charges, notices, nominees, and more! This article will help you make the most of your bank locker business. It will help you protect yourself and your customers. We’ll also discuss the importance of knowing the rules and regulations of bank lockers.


A recent amendment to the banking Act entails new regulations requiring banks to compensate customers who have lost items in their lockers. If the bank is found at fault, it will pay up to 100 times the annual rental of the locker. It also prohibits banks from coercively selling insurance. Hence, banks need to protect their customers’ privacy and valuables. But in doing so, they are opening themselves to a legal dispute.


The rules of the RBI require banks to post adequate notices in their locker facilities, explaining how the facility is secure and what happens if the customer does not operate the locker. For example, the bank may assign the locker to someone else if a customer does not pay rent on time. This clause is meant to be included in the locker agreement between the bank and its customers. But some banks are not obliged to post such notices.


When you hire a bank locker, you can designate a nominated person as the person who will access the contents of the locker if you are no longer alive. This person will receive an inventory of the contents of the bank locker, which the locker custodian must sign in the presence of the nominees and surviving holders. Having a nominated person will make accessing the locker easier for both parties.

Hazardous items:

While you should never put anything dangerous in a bank locker, you should always be cautious and aware of the rules regarding such materials. Banks typically don’t allow you to store illegal drugs, firearms, or hazardous items in their safe deposit boxes. Moreover, they don’t allow you to keep illegal drugs, firearms, or explosives in their lockers. Read the fine print carefully, and ask the banker for clarification if you have questions.

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