A Guide to Using Oil Based Perfumes

A Guide to Using Oil Based Perfumes

The first rule of using any type of fragrance is that you should only use fragrance oils with a fragrance base. Certain scents lend themselves better to certain types of fragrances. It is best to get the advice of an experienced friend or an aromatherapist before experimenting. Natural essential oil based perfumes are very versatile. Apply as often and generously as wanted.

A couple of rules for choosing oil based perfumes in Dubai are that the heavier the fragrance the longer it will last. However, the lighter scents tend to linger longer. Natural perfumes and essential oils are produced from plants, so do not assume that a fragrance will disappear if it is applied lightly. You can wear the heavier perfumes more discreetly because they are less obvious to the eye.

A lot of people also consider that natural perfume oils are gentler on their skin than alcohol based or plant perfume oils. Although this may be true, if a person suffers from acne, then these types of fragrances will aggravate the condition. In fact, alcohol based and plant perfume oils can cause pimples, zits, blackheads, whiteheads and acne all at once.

The cost of a particular scent depends on its fragrance. For example, a strong eucalyptus scent will cost more than a light floral scent. A light scent will cost less than a dark, woodsy scent. Some scented oils are discontinued so you may have to buy a fragrance with a similar amount of strength in case it is no longer available.

The price will also depend on where the oil based fragrance is sold. It is cheaper to buy an oil based perfume in a retail store than online. It is also cheaper to buy a large bottle of oil perfume from a department store than buying a small bottle of a single perfume oil from an online perfume outlet. These types of outlets offer great discounts on their perfumes, therefore you should take advantage of them if you can.

How Do You Use Them? To use your favorite perfume, just dab the perfume on to your wrists and wait for a light to show that it is absorbed. If you want to test your perfume on another surface, like your hand or your purse, dab the surface without applying the perfume. Rubbing the perfume onto a non-porous surface is fine for now. With your new oil based perfume, you can play around and have fun experimenting with your smell and your personal preferences. Click now to get more information about oil based perfumes.

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