Why is LVT Flooring a Good Idea?

Why is LVT Flooring a Good Idea?

Because LVT is stain, scuff and moisture resistant, and because it is built to be easy-of-maintenance, a single two-bucket kit is all that’s needed for a bathroom or kitchen floor with LVT. That’s the same as saying that there’s no need to buy a full set of tiles, as there are several advantages of using the modular type of tile. Here’s a look at what makes it the best choice of material when it comes to flooring.There are several types of materials available for use with vinyl tiles, as well as several styles of lvt flooring. You can choose from:

  • luxury vinyl tile and natural stone
  • ceramic tile and porcelain
  • linoleum and wood
  • marble and dozens of other options

You also have options for finishes, such as beveled edges and raised areas for creating an edgier look. One of the great benefits of using this kind of material is that you have numerous colors available. You can find the same:

  • textures
  • patterns
  • designs
  • colors
  • styles

Meaning that you can mix and match styles to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Why It is a No.1 Choice?

Because LVT is moisture and rot resistant, it’s the preferred choice of the installer and many kitchen design companies in Dubai, even over natural stone or ceramic tile. Maintenance is a breeze with a complete system including a special sealant that protects against water, mildew and stains. There are several methods to installing luxury vinyl tile, and a complete floor package includes everything needed for a professional installation.

If you’re thinking about doing the job yourself, there are several quick ways to make an installation without any special tools or supplies:

Using mastic on the back or side of each nail is a quick and easy way to install lvt flooring. When nails are used, make sure that they are long enough to penetrate the surface and the glue has plenty of time to set. Using mastic on a real wood floor is the easiest way to install stone or ceramic tile, but if you’d prefer a smoother surface, using water is a better alternative.

For an authentic look, choose LVT flooring in Dubai that’s manufactured from real wood. A dry- bonded coating prevents the wood from rotting, while providing extra strength and durability. A high-quality wood that has been kiln cured provides superior strength and weather resistance. This layer also makes the flooring strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, because the extra density increases its resilience to wear and tear.

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