Points to keep in mind while designing a hotel interior

Points to keep in mind while designing a hotel interior

What are the things you consider foremost when selecting a hotel for your stay at a new place? Probably the first thing that we all notice is not just the tariff of the rooms, but the interior design of the hotel impresses us the most. The hotel interior design Dubai fuses all the elements including the cleanliness of the rooms, the inviting atmosphere, the style that has been used, and so forth.

An interior designer who works on the interior design of a hotel keeps in mind and works on all the above elements. While designing a hotel, a hotel interior designer will focus on all of the following elements to make it more inviting for the customers.

1. First of all, the designer makes a detailed location study i.e. evaluate the area that he is asked to design by figuring out several ways in which even the smallest of details can be used. He then makes a blueprint of the room with exact dimensions.

2. A meeting is scheduled between the designer and the hotel owner and their team. Their suggestions are taken to incorporate these ideas into the interior design. A good designer will not enforce anything on the team but ask them about things like the color combinations, the furniture set up, the look and most importantly their budget. The decisions are mutually taken keeping the budget in mind.

3. Most credible designers research about the customers that the hotel wants to attract and design the interior accordingly. Before buying any furniture, electronics, carpets, paints, or even small wall hangings or accessories, the hotel owner is taken into the loop for his approval regarding style and price. 

4. A design plan is made and all the items are arranged according to it. The designer gives proper instructions to all his workers, electricians and painters. He makes sure that the tables and chairs are arranged at sufficient distance from each other, hide all the unwanted wires, and remove any item that makes the place look messy.

5. If the hotel team permits, most designers would add plants, paintings, lamps, etc. to make the hotel rooms look more attractive. Special attention is given to the lobby area, as it gives the customers the first impression about the hotel. Also, the designer ensures to maintain cleanliness in the rooms and the bathrooms by aligning a systematic method.

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